Joey Deez Blog "Kanye West, Paul Ryan, and Standing Rock"

December 5, 2016

Today's blog comes from one of my dad's mentors, Dan Sanders:


The trivia question for this week is, In 1956, one of the first rock and roll movies opened in America. Someone who was a major Broadway star in 1955, a major Hollywood star in 1956, a leading celebrity in 1957, and also a nightclub entertainer, a singer, and one of the early Playboy Playmates was in the movie. Who was it, and what was the name of the movie?

From the world of music, Kanye West was released from the hospital on November 30. He checked out of UCLA Medical Center after being under observation and treated for exhaustion since November 22. During his concert in San Jose, California, on November 17, he went on one of his frequent political rants about his support for President-elect Donald Trump, and two days later, he showed up late for his concert in Sacramento, California, performed just two songs, and then spoke at length on more of his political views. I actually like it when an artist becomes political, but I also like it when I go to a concert to hear their music and actually hear their music. I know I'm not alone in just wishing Kanye would shut the hell up.

Some dictionaries define senior citizen as a person over the age of 65. In legislation, the term applies to the age at which pensions, social security, and medical benefits become available for the elderly.  It appears that if Donald Trump and Paul Ryan get their way, they will hack the hell out of benefits that seniors have worked for all their lives, forcing them to become “closet seniors,” hiding their age so they can work at some type of job until they die. Being a senior is not a disgrace but in fact should be worn like a badge of honor, declaring that one has faced life for at least 60 years and is still standing. I wonder how younger people who voted for Trump will feel when they watch their aging parents struggle for health care or to keep their homes. As a word of warning to these younger people, time passes quickly, and you will have to face the fact that you voted for a man who has no respect for life with dignity. Paul Ryan, by the way, lived off Social Security survivor benefits after the death of his father and used the money to pay for college.

Most people know I am very proud of my Native American heritage. I have always known about my mother’s Cherokee blood line but only recently learned that my dad was one-third Cherokee. Some of my friends know that I have been itching to go to a place called Standing Rock. In spite of the lack of media coverage, many people know that protesters have been fighting against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline in their territory and have been at it for months without a break, but the protestors of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota are about to get some major support. More than 2,000 veterans have agreed to act as human shields to protect protesters from December 4 to December 7, an effort called Veterans Stand for Standing Rock. The veterans announced this after protesters clashed with police for months. The same day the group made its announcement, state officials threatened to impose fines and block supplies from reaching a nearby camp where protesters reside. Though officials backed away from that threat, Gov. Jack Dalrymple (who reminds me of Richard A. "Dick" Wilson and his actions that led to the Lakota occupation of the town of Wounded Knee) announced the threat still stands. One problem with that order is he’s trying to evict them from their own land.

In the podcast, I’ll have the usual spontaneous combustion as well as the answer to the trivia question. I hope you’ll join me on the shores of Rambling Harbor.