Joey Deez Blog "The Last Jedi"

July 17, 2017


Today’s blog is going to be short and straight to the point as it is a Monday and everyone here at the station is ready for nap. I know the next Star Wars seems like it’s very far away, but maybe it will seem a bit closer after today.


Want to start your Monday off right? Check out this sweet behind the scenes look at The Last Jedi:


Excuse me while I go hibernate until December. Seriously this movie looks awesome and I’ve only seen about 2 minutes of footage for it. That’s Star Wars for you though; they can do no wrong in my book. May the force be with you!


For those of you who watched Game of Thrones last night, check in tomorrow for my review of the episode. I’ve decide to give a one day buffer before spoiling anything.


Are you excited for The Last Jedi? What do you think is going to happen? ​