Joey Deez Blog "Leavenworth"

June 12, 2017

I know it’s just Monday but I can’t help but think about this upcoming weekend. Is it too soon??


I’m so excited because it’s a few of my friend’s birthdays so a bunch of us are going to Leavenworth. Now I’ve only been to Leavenworth one time before and it was over 15 years ago so I don’t remember much.


Vicky B. told me a few places to check out: She was very excited to tell me about The Wood Shop & Hat Shop where apparently you can try on all the hats you want?




Seems interesting and am not surprised that was Vicky’s favorite place lol.


She also suggested I go to ‘The Taffy Shop’! Apparently they have over 50 flavors and even a machine that makes it in front of you! I might have to get a mix-and-match bag while I’m there!



I’ve also heard good things about the ‘Icicle Brewing Company’! Live music, tasty brews, and I even spotted some tasty vegetarian options for me!


When you can't decide...try a taste of everything! ---- Photo credit: @juliadiakow

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A post shared by Icicle Brewing Company (@iciclebrewing) on


Now I want to hear from you! If you have been to Leavenworth where should I go? Where should I shop? Where should I eat? Drink? Play? I want to do all the things while I’m there so let me know!​


~ Ooh Sara