Joey Deez Blog "Leftovers"

November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend is over but if you ate as much as me, you’re probably still carrying around some of the weight that you managed to pack on.  But it might not just be because of all the food you at on Thanksgiving Day that is giving you grief. Leftovers tend to be the most dangerous part of the holiday weekend as they sit patiently waiting in your fridge for whenever you feel the craving for some turkey or pie. I know this was definitely the case for me, mostly because of the 4 pies that were calling my name early Friday morning. Most people probably go straight for leftover turkey sandwiches but for me it’s all about the desserts. I may be the crazy one here, but let’s see what the other members of the show love to eat as leftovers during the holiday weekend.


BJ – Stuffing with lots of gravy.

Steve – Turkey sandwich with extra mayo, salt and pepper.

Rev – Turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce.

Danny – Turkey with gravy and ranch dipping sauce

Chris – Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Sara – Mac and Cheese! The more cheese the better.

Vicky - Mom's special spaghetti 

Joey Deez – Pie, preferably Pecan.


I think I may have to throw a post-holiday potluck just to satisfy my now growing hunger for pie. With December right around the corner, I see no reason to start a diet. I mean really, how can we with all the great holidays coming up. I guess it’s time to break out the stretchy pants.  


What’s your favorite Holiday Leftover food? ​