Joey Deez Blog "Mardi Gras"

February 28, 2017


If you woke today thinking it was just another ordinary Taco Tuesday, you’d be wrong. And if you woke up in New Orleans, you’d know why. Today is Fat Tuesday! That’s right, Mardi Gras! And whether it’s rain, sleet or snow outside, there’s always time to party. Mardi Gras is known for many things, for most of you beads probably come to mind, but when I think of Fat Tuesday, I think drinks. Any day that gives you an excuse to walk around double fisting a hurricane and a grenade is a good day in my book. Oh, never heard of these drinks before? Well you’re missing out.


Check out how to make a real hurricane from a tipsy bartender:


Alright, now I’m thirsty. I’ve never seen passion fruit syrup before but add some rum with a squeeze of lime and you can’t go wrong. I asked BJ what he thought of the hurricane he had when he was in New Orleans and he said he couldn’t remember anything but the hangover. Turns out drinking a bunch the night before you have to talk on a panel leads to some great entertainment. Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe Happy Hour is about to start and I’m in need of a refreshment!


Are you going to celebrate Fat Tuesday? What’s your drink of choice?  ​