Joey Deez Blog "May the 4th"

May 4, 2017


May the 4th be with you Rock-A-Holics! Yes that’s right, it’s a day entirely dedicated to the love of Star wars. But don’t let the Rev know because he might bet angry for today is also The Rev’s birthday! Happy Birthday Rev! Feel free to send Rev a Star Wars themed birthday tweet @RevEnFuego the funnier the better. Getting back on track, in honor of this force filled day, I’ve decided to ask the crew of BJ and Migs who their favorite Star Wars character is, let’s see what they have to say:


BJ –Mace Windu

Steve – The Ewoks

Rev – Jabba the Hut

Danny – Spock?

Vicky B - Chewbacca

Uncle Chris – Princess Leia

Sara – Jar Jar Binks


This is quite a diverse list. I think I might have to have a conversation with Sara about her choice because no one’s favorite character should be Jar Jar Binks, unless he turns out to be a Sith lord. Danny cleary has no idea what Star Wars is, no surprise there. Steve loves a group of fantasy dogs, Uncle Chris likes Princesses in bikinis, and rev loves a giant blob that eats everything in site. Yep, everything checks out here. Personally I’ve always been a fan of Obi Wan, mainly young obi wan. Besides the fact that he gets Liam Niason as a mentor, Obi Wan also takes down Dark Maul. Now if you just forget the fact that he also trains Anakin, we’re golden. Not the greatest decision made in the Jedi world but hey, we can’t all be perfect. Boba Fett comes in at a close second mostly for being a bounty hunter in a time when people can wield light sabers; that’s got to be a tough job. At least he had a jet pack. Keep it nerdy today Rock-A-Holics!


Who is your favorite Star Wars character?