Joey Deez Blog "Music Videos"

May 12, 2017


Hello Rock-A-Holics! If you were worried that you may have misread your calendar today have no fear we have indeed made it to FRIDAY! It’s time to get pumped up for the weekend and I can think of no better way to kick off the weekend with some awesome music videos! There are so many great ones out there and if you’re anything like me you’ve got a couple of playlists on YouTube showcasing your favorites. Among these awesome videos there is one that definitely stands out, and I’m sure you probably heard before, PSY – GANGNAM STYLE. It’s crazy, it’s catchy, and it’s about to hit 3 billion views on Youtube. This video may be a bit weird, hell it definitely is weird, but every person you show it to will not forget it. That is why today I bring you two of PSY’s most recent music videos released this week that are sure to grab your attention.


Check out PSY’s newest videos below:


“New Face” 




I will never get tired of that guys dancing, it’s epic. The fact that he got to go to Las Vegas and shoot a music video in one of my favorite casinos, The Venetian, sold me instantly on the video. Needless to say, I’m more than a little jealous. You win again PSY! But this is just one example of an eye popping, mind blowing, music video, so what about you…


What is your favorite music video? ​