Joey Deez Blog "One Moment"

June 27, 2017


Hola Rock-A-Holics! It’s time to turn down for tacos, or maybe turn up? Or turn around… Who knows? Either way you have one job today and that is to eat some delicious tacos! While you enjoy your delicious food today, I suggest taking a minute to watch this insane golf shot that Jordan Spieth’s made to secure his win at Travelers.


Check out the video below:


That shot was insane….and it was from the bunker! What a way to win a tournament; that air bump at the end was definitely a justified celebration. I’ve never been very good at golfing but recently I did play 54 holes of mini golf and let me tell you age has not help my putt putt game. I think I got about half way through course before I got angry and threw my club at a plastic dinosaur. It was my only hole in one. The experience did give me a greater appreciation for what professional golfers can do. I don’t have the patience for the short game and I don’t have the power for the long drives. I think I’ll have to stick to basketball. I’ve hit a couple of buzz beaters in my day and there’s nothing that beats the feeling of winning a game in the last possible second with one shot. It’s what makes sports so great, anyone can be the champion!


What was that one moment that made you feel like a champion? ​