Joey Deez Blog "Over Celebrated"

April 6, 2017


Time never stops ticking away and with it some of our closest friends tend to disappear as our lives get busier and busier. That’s why whenever you get a chance to see a friend who you haven’t seen in a while, a celebration is usually in order. Just make sure you don’t lose control like this doctor who broke his friends ribs after hugging him too hard. Damn that’s impressive; I don’t know if I could do that even if I tried. The doctor said he knew right away from the loud cracking sound, followed by the very painful and angry look in his friends face. Lucky for the friend, they were already in a hospital so he was able to get treated right away. Not sure he’s going to want to see his doctor friend anytime soon though.  


I can’t say I’ve injured a friend that bad, but I do remember one great time in which I was playing football with a couple friends and things got a bit heated. We were down a couple points and looking to score a touchdown to win the game. We ran a deep cross route and my buddy managed to snag a game winning touchdown after his defender tripped in the end zone. Our friend got angry claiming it was all luck; so we decided to rub it in his face by doing a very long victory celebration ending with a 5 man air bump. Well things didn’t go well for our quarterback as he dislocated his shoulder in mid-air bumping against our 300 pound buddy. I walked away unharmed but with a lesson well learned, what goes around comes around. Always be a humble victor.


Have you ever injured a co-worker or have you ever been injured by a coworker? ​