Joey Deez Blog "Partying Hard"

January 30, 2017



Ohhhhhh Heeyyyyy!


Ooh Sara here filling in for my brother Joey Deez!


Him and a bunch of his buddies went to Whistler for a few days and will be back tomorrow. Now most people who visit Whistler are the outdoorsy type. Ya know go out to hikes, ski/snowboard, snowmobile, ride the cute gondolas, etc, but not my brother. (Which is probably a good thing; us Shea’s can barely walk without getting injured.)


So Joey Deez went down to party hard with his friends after they do all the adventurous activities. Honestly he’s probably passed out on the floor, surrounded by empty bottles with a half eaten slice of pizza on his face. Now that’s an image I do not want to picture. 


I do have to admit though; Whistler would be a pretty kickass place to party.


Where is the coolest place you have partied at?