Joey Deez Blog "Pizza Day!"

February 9, 2017


Today is National Pizza Day! That means one thing and one thing only; you must find yourself at least one slice of ooey gooey cheesy greatness. But that I just step 1, step 2 is the challenging part: What kind of pizza with you eat? If you’re anything like me, you can generally narrow it down to about two types of pizza which means you’ll need at least two slices. But on National Pizza Day there is not shame so eat as much as you can! I’ll definitely be getting at least one slice of peperoni, a slice of pesto, and at least one slice of the classic cheese. And if I’m lucky, I run back the same order for dinner. I wonder what the record is for most slices of pizza eaten in one day is….probably a ton. Let’s see what the other members of the show plan on getting on their pizza today and how much they could eat!


BJ – Serious Pie – Sweet Fennel Sausage. At least 3 slices.

Steve – Old School Pizza. As much pizza as they can make!

Rev – Ham and Pineapple, 4 slice minimum.

Danny –Green Chili, peperoni, and mushroom. The whole pizza for sure.

Vicky – Costco Cheese Pizza. 2 slices!

Chris – Sahara Pizza. Large Loins Feast. I’d eat half of it!

Sara – Via Tribunali. Quattro Formaggi. The entire thing of course!


Now it’s up to you Rock-A-Holics, get out there and eat some pizza!


What kinds of pizza are you going to eat today