Joey Deez Blog "RE7"

January 24, 2017

The newest installment of the Resident Evil franchise dropped yesterday and it looks like the game has gone back to its roots; less action and more horror. (Here’s a trailer)



 I’ve watched a bit of game-play on and I have to say that this game really brings me back to the times when I was playing the original Resident evils; dark settings, a giant house, and just a flashlight. These games are just like watching a horror movie, except you control the main character or if you have a VR setup for your PS4, you could literally be the main character. I can’t think of anything scary than playing this game on a VR in the middle of the night, in a dark room, alone. I’m pretty sure I’d give myself nightmares. But then again, I’ve never had the stomach for that kind of thing, or a PS4 for that matter. That won’t stop me from playing the game though; I’ve never been disappointed with a zombie shooter.


Unfortunately many of the trailers aren’t work friendly, for obvious reasons, but if you like games that keep on the edge of your seat, check the trailers out online. The game is getting great reviews and is available on almost all platforms, so I’m sure I’ll be playing it this weekend.  


Do you like horror games? Would you play this game on VR? ​