Joey Deez Blog "Reality Shows"

June 13, 2017


Yeah, you guessed it! Ooh Sara here! Earlier on the show we talked about the sex scandal that happened on Bachelor in Paradise. Rumors have it that the show is going to end all together which makes me sad. Yes, yes I know that show is ridiculous and just SO over the top but I really cannot get enough of it. 


I would say it’s my guilty pleasure but then I would have like a hundred guilty pleasures! Besides the sci-fi shows I watch with my dad, I really only watch reality shows.


That got me thinking what reality show (s) do you just love? Even if you’re embarrassed by it, I want to know. Whether it’s some singing or dancing competition or something your girlfriend watches that you just happen to watch with her and actually enjoy? I know you have at least one? ;)


Here are my top 5 reality shows:

1.     Survivor

2.     The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise

3.     Real World

4.     Teen Mom (OG & 2)

5.     So You Think You Can Dance​