Joey Deez Blog "Rotten Food"

December 1, 2016

Today I arrived into the office expecting a normal Thursday morning only to find the most heinous of scenes, a stranded half eaten pizza left out to rot. How could someone do this to a pizza with so much potential….to be in my stomach. Shocked and stricken with hunger, I quickly ran over to the kitchen to see if anyone had enough common sense to put their leftover pizza in the fridge for us early morning zombies to consume. But alas, nothing but kale and eggnog, curses! I’m a fan of cold pizza but without a solid timeline of how long this pizza had been left out, I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. As Ryan Castle so delicately put it, “Pizza places don’t deliver very late into the night, so that poor, poor pizza has been left out to dry for many hours”. I held a brief, but memorable, service for the fallen pizza then threw it in the trash. Though today started out tragic it got me thinking, is there any food I would eat not matter how long it’s been left out?


The answer, YES! But if I wouldn’t eat my favorite food pizza, then what would I eat? Easy, my favorite dessert, Pie. Turns out it doesn’t matter how long that pie has been left out, I always think it’s fresh. Maybe it’s the crazy amount of sugar, maybe it’s the pounds of butter in the crush. Either way, pie stands up to the tests of time. That being said, I’m sure my stomach is about to go on strike if I eat any more pie, that’s what Thanksgiving will do to you. Then again, if someone offered me a slice of pie that may or may not have fallen on the floor, I’d probably still eat it. Got to have your priorities in line!


Do you eat food that has been left out for too long? What’s that one food you will eat no matter what? ​