Joey Deez Blog "Salt Bae"

January 31, 2017

I don’t always understand all these popular social videos that quickly go viral for their “creativity” and outrageousness but this one hits home for me. There is a new craze for videos by “Salt Bae” in which he cooks and cuts meats, then sprinkles them with salt. They’re over the top and oddly sexual but I have to say, after watching a bunch of them, I can’t stop laughing. It probably helps that I also like to cook and understand the crazy technique.


Check out the original below:


I know what you’re thinking; why do people find this to be so funny? Well if you can convince yourself to check out the rest of his videos I swear the more you watch the funnier they will get. Then if you go back and watch them from start to finish and you’ll really enjoy the progression of his “art”. Before no time you will be sprinkling salt on everything. ​