Joey Deez Blog "Sara's Bad Dates"

April 12, 2017

Ohh heyyy it’s Ooh Sara taking over Joey Deez blog today! Earlier on the show we talked about bad dates & as terrible as they may be in the moment they sure are entertaining when you reflect on them.


I have had my fair share of bad dates. From a guy telling me about how he was going to raise his children (which I did not agree with) to a guy calling me boring…yes BORING. Call me anything you want & I most likely will not get offended but boring is different and I definitely got offended lol. Now I don’t know if I just am too nice or just awkward but I have never walked out on a date no matter how bad it’s going. I just stay, try to be as polite as possible & agree NOT go out again.


I want to hear about all your bad date stories. What happened? Have you ever walked out in the middle of a date? Or has anyone walked out on you?