Joey Deez Blog "Seattle Basketball"

July 27, 2017



It’s time to turn it up for Thursday Rock-A-Holics! We’ve made it to the day that is now dubbed Friday Jr. and hopefully you’ve already started planning your weekend; I know I have. A friend of mine (shout out to Sean) just finished taking the Bar Exam yesterday and in proper fashion we will be celebrating with great friends, family, and of course, food. There also may be a beer or two involved at some point; it is the weekend after all. One thing we always end up talking about, as I’m sure most friend groups do, is Seattle sports. There are plenty of Hawks and Mariners fans among my friends but one thing that tends to come up time and time again are the Sonics. It feels like an entire lifetime ago that Seattle had a basketball team and rumors of a NBA team returning seem to be news every week. They say any press is good press, to let’s see what the commissioner of the NBA had to say about this:


Check out what Adam Silver had to say below:


I can’t really say that this news is promising. It sounds like the league is currently dealing with their “super team” problem more than their focusing on expanding a team to Seattle, which is fair. One thing I will say is that while it looks like we won’t be getting a team for at least a couple years, Seattle sports has a booming fan base. If you add a couple of playoff appearances by the Hawks, Sounders, or Mariners, it wouldn’t be a stretch so say that a basketball team couldn’t do just as well. I still feel the sting of Durant winning an MVP trophy for Golden State knowing we had him in a Sonics uniform at one point. It feels like the curse of Seattle sports. I have high hopes for the return of a basketball team, and to be honest if an NHL team came as well, that would be freaking awesome.  For now though, it will have to stay a dream.


Do you want an NBA team back in Seattle? ​