Joey Deez Blog "Skipping Work"

November 30, 2016

Being sick is the worst. Whether it’s the flu, a fever, or just a really bad headache, you’re always going to have a bad time. But sometimes the hardest part about being sick is calling into work. There’s always the thought in the back of my mind that my boss will never believe how sick I really am. And the last thing I want to do while sick is get into an argument with my boss in which I must convince them that I am truly sick. Probably because I was never actually sick, just really hungover.  This was a huge problem when I used to work at a local grocery store. I believe the term my boss would use was “Sunshine Sickness”, because so many people who call out sick during the sunny days in Seattle. The crazy part is how bad people are at calling in sick. For some reason, they always think they have to come up with some extravagant lie that makes them seem like a hero for not coming into work. They should have an award show for most creative and stupid way of getting out of work. I’d watch that show.


The one story that really sticks in my mind from the grocery store was an amazing two day lie that did not end well. A girl from our store had concert tickets that she just had to use so she told our manager that her car had broken down hours outside of Seattle. The kicker? She was going to need to stay outside the city with her parents for a couple of days till the car battery got repaired. Conveniently the same dates of the concert. This plan really lacked substance. Forget the fact that our boss knew she wanted to go to the concert, that she could have towed the car somewhere way closer, or that her parents don’t live anywhere close to where she claimed, this plan had one major plot hole and man did my boss crush it. The day she returned from this ordeal, not very sick of course, my boss walked up to her with a giant grin on his face and simply said this. “Hope you’re feeling better, feel free to drop the receipt from the tow truck and batter repair on my desk whenever you get a chance”. Man did she turn red, like Kool-Aid red. Then he fired her on the spot. Tough times, but let’s be honest, if you thought that excuse was going to work, well, you’re going to get fired.  


What’s the worst excuse you’ve used to get out of work? What’s the worse excuse you’ve ever heard? ​