Joey Deez Blog "Snow Day"

December 8, 2016


If you’ve been keeping up with the current weather forecasts like myself than today hasn’t turned out as snowing as you were hoping. It seems like every time that they say it’s going to snow a couple hours before it’s supposed to happen, they push the time back another 12 hours. I was hoping to wake up to a winter wonderland in hopes that we could get our first snow day. There’s nothing better than an unscheduled vacation day and because it only takes about 3 inches of snow for this fine city to shut down, today was looking like a real possibility. While im still holding out hope that tomorrow may turn into a snowy paradise, I won’t hold my breath. That being said, I did start a sweet list of all the things I like to do when there’s fresh powder on the ground. The day would start off with a nice cup of hot cocoa spiked with some extra holiday cheer; then a solid helping of French toast and holiday movies. I then prepare for short nap due to the massive food coma I’m in. Shortly after I wake up and take the best hot shower ever, I invite a bunch of people over to battle board/video games for as long as the day will last. Finish the night of with a giant slice of pie and my day is complete. But this is only my version of a perfect snow day; let’s see how the other show member would spend their snow day!


BJ – Boardgames and Snacks.

Steve – Watch LuLu run around in the snow.

Rev – Let his cats out and watch them freak out in the snow.

Vicky – Comic books and Cocoa!

Danny – Eat Pizza

Chris W -  Board Gaming and Drinking!

Sara – Sledding, Snowman and Drinking Hot Chocolate.



What do you like to do on a snow day? ​