Joey Deez Blog "Spider-Man"

July 7, 2017


It’s a beautiful Friday Rock-A-Holics! Hopefully you will have some time to chill outside in the sun and crack open a fresh beer as approach the weekend. Once you’ve hit that melting point were all you need is some air conditioning, why not head over to your local movie theater and check out the just released movie Spider-man: Homecoming! The much anticipated reboot of the franchise has been getting great reviews and is sure to keep you entertained long enough to forget about that scorching heat. Not sold on the movie yet, check out the trailer below to get pumped up:



This movie is going to be awesome! Unfortunately I’m going to have to wait till next week to see it because I’ve got a busy weekend of gaming.


 BJ and I are going to be battling the Hour of Devastation prerelease at Mox Boarding House Saturday. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s a collectable card game called Magic the Gathering and they do a special set release every couple months. Over the years it has become a tradition for us to go play rocking the title of “team bonehead”.


If you happen to also be there feel free to come by and say hi! Make sure to check back in next Friday for my review of Spider-Man as I will be seeing it on Thursday with BJ. Enjoy the weekend Rock-A-Holics!


Do you have big weekend plans? Are you going to see Spider-Man? ​