Joey Deez Blog "Super Bowl Festivities"

February 3, 2017

Got a text from my bro Joey Deez last night saying he was out sick again; I told him to feel better and his response was ‘hopefully I’ll be ok by Sunday for the Super Bowl’. I see where his minds at, but let’s get real, that’s where EVERYONE’S minds at.


The big game is this Sunday and even though the Hawks are not in it, it’s still a great excuse to get together with buddies, drink too much and eat greasy, yummy food.


Now my biggest conundrum is always what should I bring for the festivities?  I try my darnest to eat healthy & always bring veggies, fruit or kale to parties but it just feels wrong doing that when it come to the Super Bowl; and honestly, I don’t think anyone would touch any of that stuff if even I brought it.

I want to know what “naughty” food you bring to a Super Bowl party. Chicken Wings? Pizza? Some crazy ass chip dip?


I need something good that everyone will want to put in their mouth!  ​