Joey Deez Blog "Ta-tas In Trouble"

February 2, 2017

Ohh heeeeey it’s Sara here again!


Apparently my brother Joey Deez did indeed party too hard in Whistler and is out sick so I am here taking over again.


Now what better topic to talk about than boobs? Can’t think of one? Me either.


So there was a story we talked about on the show where a female was kicked off a plane because of her cleavage. Yes because of her cleavage! I saw the picture and it was not even that outrageous. Honestly though I can’t think of any amount of cleavage where I think it would be appropriate to kick someone off of a plane.

Here is a picture of what she was wearing:



Hey I was always told ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it!’ Surprisingly, I cannot think of a time where my wardrobe got my in trouble or kicked out of somewhere. (Even though BJ did not appreciate my go-go dancer Halloween outfit when I was 12 lol).


When did you get in trouble for what you were wearing? ​