Joey Deez Blog "Vacation Food"

June 8, 2017


Ooh Sara! Covering for my big bro Joey Deez!


So I got back from New Orleans a few days ago and am still day dreaming about my trip. One thing I am really missing is all the yummy (and not so yummy) food I ingested.  I felt like there were two foods I HAD to have when down there. Beignets and fried alligator.


I was super stoked about the beignets and had way too many of them. Fried dough with powdered sugar on top….I mean how could you go wrong? Especially with a big cup of coffee on the side…OMNOMNOM!


Now let’s talk about the fried alligator. I was on the fence about trying this. I have been a veg-head my entire life so I was all types of weird-ed out about. But I decided to say YOLO & partake in this New Orleans cuisine. I mean when in Rome right?? I must say it indeed tasted like chicken. It was fried and I smothered it in sauce so that did help a lot. Will I have it again? Nah, but I’m glad I tried it.


That got me thinking, what strange thing have you eaten while on vacation or just for the fun of it?​