Joey Deez Blog "Weird Drink Combos"

May 1, 2017


Ohh heyyyyy! Its Ooh Sara here again, taking over Joey Deez blog.


Apparently he has the stomach flu but really this was his first weekend he could drink again, so let’s get real, he is probably just hung-over.


Now speaking about drinks, I need you opinion on something. On the weekends I’m a server and most days it’s pretty predictable but every now and again I get a weird request. Last night I had a customer who was very adamant about ordering a beer mixed with Sprite. I gave her a weird look and repeated what she said to make sure I understood and I was. Now I have never tried that but it honestly has never even crossed my mind. So this got me thinking of what other weird drinks people like.


Vicky B. said she had someone order a beer mixed with orange juice and called it a ‘Man-mosa’. Sounds disgusting to me but hey, at least the name is awesome!


What odd drink combination do you enjoy? Or do you know someone that enjoys a strange beverage? ​