Joey "Deez" Blog "What a Game!”"

November 15, 2016

Sunday night’s football game featuring The Patriots vs. The Seahawks was one of the best games I’ve ever seen.


How can a regular season game be one of my favorites? Easy, I got to watch it live at Gillette Stadium with two of my closest friends who both happen to share the same passion for the Patriots that I do. The 60,000 other patriots fans in the stadium probably helped too. I’ve lived in Seattle for so long now, about 17 years that I forgot what it’s like to be at your own “home” stadium surrounded by crazy fans like myself. The energy in the stands was electric throughout what I believe to be easily the best game of the season thus far.


There were so many lead changing scores and great plays from both teams that everyone in our group lost their voice after the game, Patriots and Hawks fans alike. But I have to give major props to Russell Wilson and that Seahawks team, man did they play great.


Coming down to last seconds of the game with a chance for OT was more than I could ask for in my return to Boston. If this game ends up being a preview for what’s to come in the Super Bowl, then this growing rivalry may become one of the best in history. We may not play very often, but it seems every time we do, the teams are so evenly matched that it always comes down to the wire.


Needless to say, I’ve started counting the days till February, with much anticipation of a rematch from two years ago. Hopefully with the same outcome! But either way, it will go down as an epic fight between two juggernaut teams!


Check out some of the images below from Gillette stadium!