Joey Deez Blog "Working Out"

March 30, 2017


It seems like winter is lasting forever this year. It’s almost April and I feel like I haven’t seen the sun in months. I’ve spent a majority of my time here at the station but one other activity I managed to fit into my routine is the gym. I’ve never been a big fan of working out but a friend of mine convinced me that if you can spend an hour at the gym a couple times a week, you can spend the same amount of time eating pizza. This was a great way to convince a lazy guy like me to do something that I dislike, especially sense I was going to eat the pizza anyway. At least this way I’m getting some exercise.


Danny and Chris were in the studio today showing me some of their crazy workout routines and I have to say after watching a couple minutes of them, even I was getting tired. They were doing wall crawls. Similar to a hand stand, but you walk up and down the walls to work out your abs. Afterword’s, Danny regaled me with stories of his long jogging sessions and by the end of conversation I’ll admit I was more motivated to run….for about 5 minutes. It did give me a great perspective on how different everyone’s workout routine is. I personally lift weights for about 45-60 minutes and then get a good 15 minute treadmill session in to round things out. I know Ryan Castle is a running champion and could probably lap me a couple times over. BJ walks the mall…which exercises not only the legs, but the eyes.  I’m definitely a workout “scrub” so that’s why I’m asking you Rock-a-Holics…


Do you have workout routine that you like? What’s your workout secret? ​