Joker: The Darkest Movie of All Time

Joey Deez's Blog

October 11, 2019


Hello darkness, my old friend…….it time to hit the movie theater once again! Why? Because the movie of the year has finally come out, JOKER! Let me start off by saying this is NOT a super hero movie. The movie has ties to the batman universe but it feels more like an R L Stine’s choose your own horror adventure; and a disturbed Joaquin Phoenix is making the decisions. I got to watch the film earlier this week with BJ and if I’m being honest I still can’t decide if this is a masterpiece or not. That being said, holy crap this movie is dark. It’s been days’ and I’m still thinking about it. It may be the darkest movie I've ever seen. There are twists and turns, misdirection, brutality, social commentary, some creative dancing, and much, much more. Joker did not disappoint.


BJ thought it was so good that Joaquin Phoenix should walk away with an academy award; and I have to agree with him. His different laughs alone are enough to send chills down your spine not to mention his body movements that closely resemble that of a zombie. He’s got my vote.  


I wouldn’t say that the movie is “difficult” to watch, but there are several scenes that involve physical violence, mental struggle, and suicide. So make sure that you and your friends are ready for a dark physiological thriller this will leave you questioning who the Joker really is!


PS. If you have already seen the movie and want some insight to questions that may be driving you crazy, check out the video below! (SPOILER ALERT)!!!!