Live Day

Joey Deez Blog

November 15, 2017


We’re just one day away from the craziest, coolest, liviest day of the year! That’s right, tomorrow is Live Day! If you haven’t purchased your tickets then you better get on that! Not sure what to expect? Check out the video below to find out all the things you need to know for live day!!!



Here's a really long list of things that will get you pumped for live day!

BJ and Migs LIVE! Including Live Beat Migs!



Foley Artists.

Live Podcasting !

Live bands!

The Mens Room Live!

More Food!

More Beer!

A bunch of guest stars that you’ll have to see in person to believe!

Did I mention it’s at Emerald Queen Casino??!!!!

And of course, all the crazy random screw ups that are sure to happen during LIVE DAY!


There’s no way your going to be bored so make sure to get your tickets at and we’ll see you there!!!


Rock on!​