Live Day 2018

Joey Deez Blog

November 16, 2018

Guys can you believe live day is less than one week away?!?! It’s time to break out those pajamas and get ready for one hell of an experience because before you get fat and happy from Thanksgiving, you have to join us for the craziest day radio has to offer!  But why your pajamas? Because the entire BJ and Migs crew is “dressing down” this year wearing all kinds of crazy comfy PJ’s and we want you to join us in all the relaxation! In case that isn’t enough to inspire you, I’ve asked our crew what their favorite part of Live Days past has been! Check out the video below:



So many great things to look forward to how could you not join us for live day? There’s even a buffet, how could things go wrong? I even found several photos of last year’s live day and I have to say, I’m officially pumped for next week! Let me share a couple of gem’s with you so you can get a better idea of what this year might have in store.


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See you Tuesday Rock-A-Holics! ​