Miracle in Minnesota

Joey Deez Blog

January 16, 2018


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to Tuesday! The long weekend may be over but it will not be quickly forgotten. Two of the craziest NFL playoff games I’ve ever seen came to epic conclusions Sunday and if I told you the Jaguars beating the Steelers 45-42 was the less exciting game, you’d probably call me crazy. That is until you see the ending to the Saints-Vikings game. I’ve watched this replay a million times and I still can’t believe it. In case you missed it or maybe you just want to relive it again, check out here!


What an incredible moment. No matter how many times you practice a play like that, you never expect it to work.  It has to be a one in a million chance and yet, here we are. The Vikings move on and the Saints suffer what will undoubtedly be one of the most brutal losses of all time.


I remember watching game 6 of the NBA finals in 2013 in utter shock as the super team that the Heat had created were mere seconds away from being defeated by the San Antonio Spurs. But as history continues to show us, the game isn’t over till the clock strikes 0. A wild rebound followed by an incredible turnaround 3-pointer from Ray Allen sent the game into OT and the rest is history. The Heat go on to win the game in OT and then game 7 earning them another ring. I’ll never forget where I was when Allen made that shot (a jam-packed Las Vegas sports book) or how I felt…..”Greatest shot I’ve ever seen”.


What’s the craziest ending to a sporting event you've ever seen?