Ooh Sara Goes Camping?

Joey Deez Blog

September 25, 2017

Ohhhhhhheeeyyy its Ooh Sara here taking over for Joey Deez for a few days & by golly does it feel like a Monday. I don’t know about you but as excited I am for fall I am trying to take in these last summer days to the fullest. So I decided to get my camping on!


Now I have never really considered myself a city girl (weird right? lol) but after this weekend I think I am going to have to. No shelter, no warmth, you have to cook your own food over a fire that YOU have to build. WHAT? How is one even supposed to know how to do all of that in the first place?? Thank god for my boyfriend who is a camping expert & a great teacher. And I must say I actually had a f***-ing GREAT time!!!


We went to Hobuck on the Makah Reservation & it was beautiful. Sitting in my camping chair, switching off between starring at the fire to starring at the stars all makes you feel at peace. It felt like pure bliss and I truly loved it.




Are you a camping fan? Where is your favorite place to camp? What necessities do you never camp without?