Party Bus Road Trip to Portland

Joey Deez's Blog

June 20, 2019


BJ’s bachelor party weekend has finally arrived! Or should I say the BJ-less bachelor party? I guess it can’t be a party for BJ if he’s not there which means we need a new name! Let’s go with “The One with the Party Bus”. That’s right, Danny, Vicky and I will be taking an epic trip to Portland on what can only be described as a bottle of Jack Daniels with 4 wheels.


Personally, I’ve never been on a party bus (shocking I know). All I have to go on are the crazy stories I’ve heard from people about the greatness that is a Party Bus. Which is why I need your help people! What should I be bringing on this party bus? Obviously I’ve got the alcohol covered, but I’m sure there are a few things that I won’t think of that I need! For instance, what is your favorite snack to bring on a road trip? Let me know people!


Speaking of suggestions, did I mention we are going to Portland? Now I’ve been to Portland a couple times but I’ve been informed by many of our listeners that I have been missing out on all the “good stuff”. And no, I don’t mean ALL the strip clubs hahaha. I’m talking about all the fantastic food trucks! Somehow I have never managed to make it to a single food truck while in Portland. Our crew will probably only have time for one food truck, so I want to know…..what’s the best food truck in Portland?


Vicky also started pulling together an epic playlist for the ride down...but she doesn't know what all to add! What songs do you think we should add to the list? 



We'd love to hear all you advice on what we should be seeing, eating, and/or doing in Portland! 

~Joey Deez