Pasta Grannies

Joey Deez Blog

January 25, 2019

January is the month where diets, resolutions, and life style changes tend to start. 

As always, I am on my one month diet, one month off diet routine. It's exactly what it sounds like! 

For the month of January, I am sticking to my no carbs and sweets diet but once February hits, game on!


That being said, I keep torturing myself watching videos of tasty, tasty food. My newest obsession? Pasta Grannies! 


One of my favorite memories from my childhood is making homemade pizza with my family. My Grandmother hated rolling out pizza dough so they would always enlist my help for the long kneed engraining love for Italian cooking into my soul from a young age. That’s why when I saw these videos I just had to share them. I love seeing all these grannies making pasta the old school way. Not only can you learn some great techniques for making all kinds of pasta, you also get a great taste of culture from around the world. Plus, there’s no better way to impress someone than with homemade pasta or pizza. Just be sure you make a lot, because you won’t want to stop eating it!


What is your favorite cooking memory from childhood? 

~ Joey Deez