Quarantine Cooking

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May 8, 2020
Joey Deez cooking

Hello Rock-A-Holics! I hope everyone is doing well during another week of quarantine. Personally, I’ve been going a little stir-crazy trying to find activities to do in my house. Netflix is great and all but it definitely hasn’t been keeping me chill. Which is why our recent “Dongsgiving” was so fun. If you missed out on one of the greatest cook-off’s in the history of cook-off’s; check it out in the video below!



Who knew our show had so much talent?!? Ok, maybe talent is the wrong word; let’s go with creativity. One thing that I did not expect to happen after this lovely contest was a newly found passion for cooking! It’s no secret that I love food but usually I’m too busy (or too lazy) to try new recipes during the week. But with all this extra time thanks to the quarantine, I’ve decided to dust off the old cookbook and try some different meals to satisfy my savory tooth!

The only problem I had was…..where to start? Well lucky for me, inspiration hit my taste buds quick as Danny V share some amazing green chili enchiladas and queso dip with me that his girlfriend had made. Guys let me tell you, it was freaking delicious.

Turns out his girlfriend has an entire cookbook dedicated to different kinds of queso and now I’m addicted. My love for cheese knows no bounds and if there’s an amount of cheese that is indeed too much, I have yet to find it. You had me at….QUESO.

But what will I cook after this queso craze fades away?!? That’s where you come in Rock-A-Holics!

I want to know what your favorite recipes are to cook! It can be anything; tamales, tater tots, tomato….sauce? Let your imagination run wild! Who knows, if the recipe is tasty enough it may even be used in the next Dongsgiving. At the very least, it could inspire another person to start cooking during this quarantine!

Stay safe and stay connected together people, and enjoy the weekend!