Review: Kingsman: the Golden Circle

Joey Deez Blog 

September 27, 2017


We’ve made it to another Wednesday Rock-A-Holics which can only mean one thing… extra serving of coffee. My feet are definitely dragging because yesterday I skipped my nap to see a movie with my dad. I’ll give you one guess at what we saw and if you’re struggling just take a look at blog title….KINGSMAN! That’s right, Eggsy’s back in another action packed secret agent movie that never takes its foot off the gas. This time though, you might regcongize some more big name actors and even singers?! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the trailer below!



If you liked the first Kingsman you’re sure to like this one. Normally sequels tend to be a bit of a letdown but these movies do a great job of not taking themselves too seriously while still packing in the action so you won’t go home disappointed. I wouldn’t say that I liked it more than the first movie, but I personally like origin stories more than anything else. The acting in the movie is fantastic and Elton John’s role is so over the top that I was actually entertained with its outrageousness. Unfortunately the plot suffers a bit because Channing Tatum had some sort of production/timing issues that caused his character to essentially be cut from the movie which was very unexpected. I’m not sure why he’s featured in the trailers as a main character but despite this, the plot still flows well. The movies rated R and for good reason as the characters get into some……interesting situations. And no I’m not taking about the gory fight scenes. If you want to find out more you’ll have to check it out in theaters now! Or if you don’t like action movies, comment on what movie your stoked to see!


What’s your favorite movie genre? What did you think of The Golden Circle? ​