Seattle’s Big Name Change

Joey Deez Blog

June 29, 2020
Mike Savoia Key Arena


People there was huge news on Friday! Seattle’s new arena has finally been named and people are going crazy about it online; and for good reason. Drum roll please……..


The new arena’s name is…. Climate Pledge Arena!


I did not see that coming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the environment, but never would I have thought our new Arena would be such a straight forward promise to better it. What better state to go green than the “Evergreen” state.


Check out the article here to get all the info!


Personally I have no problem with the name of the Arena. I’m more interested in what our new NHL’s team name is going to be with this big reveal. I’m still holding out hope for THE KRAKEN!

I’m sure this topic will bring on quite the debate, but instead of focusing on what our arena’s name is going to be, lets discuss what we think the NHL teams name should be! Rock the vote people!


Based on our new arena’s name, what do you think Seattle’s NHL team name should be? 


- Joey Deez