Joey Deez Blog

April 11, 2018


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to another great edition of hump day! That’s right, Wednesday is back and with it the rain has returned but that can’t keep me down because a new Solo trailer dropped this week! Some people are a bit skeptical about the quality of this movie because for the first time we aren’t going to see Harrison Ford play Han Solo. While this is a fair point, I urge you to check out the trailer below because after I saw it, it put all my fears to rest! Still not convinced? Well did you know that Emilia Clarke is in this movie? That’s right; the mother of freaking dragons is going to be in a Star Wars film; though I don’t think there will be any dragons in this film……or will there?


Check out the new Hans Solo trailer, the hype is real:


Who else thinks the Millennium Falcon looks incredible? That ship looks like it would crush in a space race. One thing that really intrigues me about this movie is it will show the Star Wars universe from a young smugglers perspective. The story line could go anywhere and you never know what characters will be making an appearance. I mostly just want Indiana Jones in space, and from the looks of the trailer, that’s exactly what we’re going to get. That, and an incredible line-up of actors. I don’t see how this movie won’t be two solid hours of pure entertainment.

Are you excited for the new Hans Solo movie? Where do you think it will rank among Star Wars movie? ​