Stranger Things 2

Joey Deez Blog

October 16, 2017

Hello Rock-A-Holics and let me be the first to welcome you back from the weekend. Hopefully you’ve rested up and cured your hangover because there are no breaks when it comes to the work week. I know I’m still dragging a bit after the disappointing sports weekend that the Cougars and Huskies had. I had such high hopes for both teams but after such horrible loses, it looks like the quest for deep playoff run may be over. That being said, the Apple Cup will still be a great game so there’s that too look forward to. But if the Apple Cup is too far away and you want to get pumped up for something else, look no further. Stranger Things is about to drop its new season which means a final trailer for us to enjoy.


Check out the final trailer for Stranger Things 2 below:


I can’t believe the premier is less than two weeks away! I was a huge fan of the first season and I’ve got big expectations for the return of this series. From the looks of this finale trailer, I don’t think it’s going to disappoint. I love that this is a Netflix show because that means I can watch the entire season in one weekend, no cliff hangers for me. I may even make some Eggo waffles to get into the right mindset for my binge watching experience. That, or a giant pizza; both are good options!


Are you pumped for Stranger Things second season? ​