Joey Deez Blog

August 23, 2017

Hump day is upon is Rock-A-Holics! Wednesday has arrived and with it comes an extra cup of coffee. Today always seems to be the longest day of the week for me which is why an extra break helps keep the mind at ease as I work towards the weekend. If you get the same drag as I do, then I’ve got a video that will keep your attention for a couple minutes while you kick back and relax. Many of us have secret talents that we love to break out at the right time to surprise our friends whether it be something like playing the guitar or folding into a human pretzel, but one thing that never fails to impress is great dance moves. That’s why this crew will always have my attention.


Check out this video of a Ukrainian dance crew on America’s Got Talent:


Dam I wish I was this creative. Their performance is like some sort of Tron meats Thriller mash up and I dig it. I can’t say I’m as talented as this group but I will say when I break out my secret ninja cooking skills people never go hungry! I don’t break out these skills very often because cooking is expensive and dishes suck but when the company is just right, then I love to cook a big meal. I’ve got Italian blood in my veins so if you’re eating with me, leave your belt at home. Its pizza, pasta and garlic bread for every meal. But everyone has one of these hidden talents and I want to hear for you Rock-A-Holics……


What hidden talent do you have? ​