The New Game-Play Trailer For Halo Infinite Is Here

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July 24, 2020
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Happy Kraken Friday everyone! Who here is stoked for the new Seattle NHL team name?!?!? You know I am * Cue the Liam Neeson drop…. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!


But while we were all patiently waiting the drop of this new epic name, some other great news slipped under the radar that might hit you with some sweet nostalgia.


A for the upcoming Halo game “Halo infinite” was dropped this week!


Do you remember that old game Halo? Ok, maybe it’s not that old if you consider that the latest installment (Halo - Fireteam Raven) was released in 2018. But for me, when I hear the word “Halo”, only one thing comes to mind, Halo: Combat Evolved.


Don’t be tricked by the long name, that is indeed Halo 1. Released in 2001, it was the first and only reason that I decided to buy an Xbox. And boy was it worth it. The immersive world and action packed co-op game-play quickly became one my favorites and to this day it still holds up as one of best games I’ve ever played.


So why am I so excited for this Halo? Well, besides the fact that game play looks Silky Smooth, it’s also going to be a launch title for the new Xbox Series X! New Halo + New Xbox = Goodbye Money. Totally worth it though :D


Check out the game-play demo below!


Anddddd I’m in. I’ll have to inform my couch that we have plans for the entire month of December. I may need to stock up on some food supplies beforehand lol.


Hope everyone has a great weekend! Get Kraken!


Are you pumped for a new Halo? What about the Xbox Series X?