The Try Guys

February 22, 2019


Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to an extra cheesy edition of the Deez Blog! Today I have for you an awesome video from a good group of dudes called “The Try Guys”. Just like their name suggests, these gentleman go out and try…well…just about anything. Sometimes it’s a food challenge, sometimes it’s the SAT; either way, it’s going to be entertaining. This week the guys did a challenge featuring my favorite food, PIZZA! But unlike more food videos, this one didn’t focus on eating. Then what did they focus on? You’ll just have to find out for yourself :D


Check out the link below to see what crazy thing these guys did:


HAH! This was an awesome idea; although I think the pizza makers could use a lesson creativity. That being said, the Little Caesars crew crushed it. If you’ve ever watched any of those “Food Network” cooking shows, then you know how much work goes into plating dishes. They even have a separate group of people dedicated to touching up dishes after they’ve been cooked; not to mention lighting and camera work. I was really hoping that one of pizzas would look like a stick figure with a giant head, kind of like a caricature but alas, no luck.


I’ve cooked a lot of pizza in my day; square pizza; round pizza, even heart shaped pizza; but never a face pizza. It sounds like I have a new challenge! The next time I decide to channel my inner Italian, I think I will try and make a BJ and Migs pizza! There might be a problem though; pizza doesn’t generally last longer than an hour in my house. Somehow….it just seems to disappear. I’ll have to make sure to get photo evidence just in case. And now I’m hungry…..if you’ll excuse, I think its pizza time!


What’s your crazy pizza combination? Have you ever made a face pizza? ​