Valentine’s Day

Joey Deez Blog

February 14, 2018


Today’s blog comes to you with a little bit of extra love Rock-A-Holics because today is Valentine’s Day! Well that and I’ve had about 6 cupcakes already so I’m feeling great. But if you need a pick me up today then you’ve got to check out this video below as I ask our elite team of lovely individuals what their plans are for today. Spoiler alert: There may be more cupcakes involved….



I’m starting to think that Valentine’s Day is really just another excuse to eat food and watch TV….and I’m totally OK with that. My favorite part about Valentine’s day is it’s the one time of the year you can buy a dozen roses and people won’t think you’re trying to apologize for a major screw up. I remember a guy who bought 5 dozen roses from the grocery store I worked at on Valentine ’s Day not because he was proposing to his girlfriend but because he blew $3,000 on a sports bet. A bit of advice Rock-A-Holics, if you lose a bunch of money on a sports bet, don’t try to fix it buy spending more money. That never turns out well. Nothing says surprise better than a bunch of credit card debt.

Now if you’ll excuse me there are some cupcakes with my name on them….!


Do you have big plans for Valentine’s Day? ​