What Are Your Superstitions?

Joey Deez's Blog

September 13, 2019

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I hope everyone packed their lucky rabbit's foot today because it's Friday the 13th! Wait.....there's also a  full moon!?!?!? Bad luck and werewolves? No wonder the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. Today's blog is going to be short and spoooooky because we need all the time we can possibly get to prepare for a potential scare at the workplace. I unfortunately did not prepare fast enough as I have already ran into some bad luck today. What happened? Well.....just watch the video below to find out!



You win again REV!!! Turns out bad luck can come in a gaseous form. Normally my bad luck comes at the craps table but Rev took it to a whole new level. 

Hopefully you don't have something this scary happen to you today but just in case, don't walk under any ladders.


Rock on people!


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