Who Has The Best French Fry?

Joey Deez Blog

July 12, 2019


You might want to stock up on some ketchup today people. Why? Because tomorrow is National French Fry Day! Curly or crinkle cut, sweet potato or tots; no matter what form your fried potatoes are taking, they’re going to be delicious!

Of course I had to poll the connoisseurs of food that I work with, The BJ and MIGS Crew, about their favorite French Fry. I need to warn you though, the results may “burn” you? They may make you an angry couch potato? (ba dum tss). OK ok, enough with the jokes, check out the video below!



Somebody get Steve some dicks…..French Fries haha! Lets be honest, no can can top the golden arches when it comes to fries. That's right people, McDonalds is #1. 


Ok, so you’ve found your favorite French fry and I bet you’re thinking, “Now I’m ready for some fries”. Well I have bad news for you, that was only the battle; the real war is about to begin! Because every greasy bag of fries must be accompanied by A DIPPING SAUCE! *cue the war drums*.

Ketchup, ranch, honey mustard, BBQ, special sauce; the list literally goes on forever. I mean….technically anything can be sauce. If I had to pick one sauce to rule them all it would have to be Red Robins campfire sauce. That stuff is addicting. Pro tip: always order an extra sauce. You can never have too much. Especially when that one friends steals your sauce because they weren’t smart enough to follow your wise advice about the campfire greatness :D

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s my turn to order at the drive-thru window!

Rock on people!


What’s your favorite type of French fry? 


What’s your sauce of choice?