Your Next TV Binge Watch: Genius Junior

Joey Deez Blog

May 17, 2018


Hello Rock-A-Holics! We made it to Thursday, also known and Friday JR. or the second best day of the work week! If your feet are dragging today or maybe you need some motivation to get to the weekend have no fear, I’ve got you covered. I found a new TV series yesterday that has completely blown my mind and I’ll admit, it’s not the typical show I’m into. For one, it’s a game show. And two, the contestants are children. But when I heard Neil Patrick Harris was the host and that the kids would make me feel stupid, well, I had to give it chance. The shows name is “Genius Junior” and trust me when I say….you will not be disappointed.


Check out a clip from one their recent episodes:


I think I may have gone to the wrong school as a kid because WOW I never had a talent even close to one of these kids. I have no idea what kind of training it takes to get you memory that sharp but I definitely missed that lesson in school. How do you memorize an entire deck of cards and recall the order perfectly in a minute…..someone get me a new brain! I think my favorite part about this video is at the very end when the kids celebrate by doing their own special celebratory high fives. Can you imagine how awesome their secret handshake must be? I’m a bit jealous. I can’t help but wonder if technology has helped kids retain information better. Don’t get me wrong, these kids are super talented, but even my two year old cousin surprised me with his ability to operate an IPad. He was able to switch apps and find the helicopter game he wanted with ease; it blew my mind. We’re going to have to start hiding our phones to ensure our kids don’t accidentally order things without permission. If I was a kid right now I would totally “borrow” my parents phone to order a pizza. There’s not much they can do once the delivery person shows up. Who doesn’t want pizza when it shows up at the front door? If you get a chance, check out the rest of Genius Junior; you will not be disappointed!


What talent did you have as a kid growing up? ​