Judas Priest Bring The Firepower Back to the Accesso Showare Center

Judas Priest Rock Kent, WA

June 22, 2019

Judas Priest - Accesso Showare Center - Kent, WA 6.21.19
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In a rarity, we got the metal gods Judas Priest twice on the same tour in the great Accesso Showare Center in Kent, WA. Last year on this "Firepower" album cycle tour, the band came and played a set that was more familiar to the hits or radio/MTV side of the band. This time around Judas Priest played a set that included some awesome deep cuts that spanned from 12 albums from 1976 to their latest 2018 release "Firepower". Only three songs (Hell Bent for Leather, Breaking the Law, Living After Midnight) were the same from the last time which was awesome for us fans who attended both! 

Opening the set the band cranked my favorite off the "Firepower" album with the crusher "Necromancer". Rob Halford came out onstage in a full purple voodoo doctor outfit including a cool diamond (no rust ha) studded skull cane and top hat. On this first song Halford proved even at 67 years old the Metal God still has the pipes singers half is age wish they had and was in constant pace from stage side to side singing. Let's not forget all his costume changes! I think he has more than Britney Spears and Lady Gaga combined HA HA! Love ya Rob you are still the Metal God! ;)

After my three songs shooting in the pit I headed back and watched the show back by the soundboard. What a set it was for us older fans. My first Priest album was the "Killing Machine" cassette tape. Later I learned I somehow got the European release and it was actually called "Hell Bent For Leather" in the USA. Then when I got "Unleashed in the East" live album a few years later I was hooked. I mean look at this setlist. Freakin some classics and rare live cuts like "Starbreaker", "Steeler", "All Guns Blazing", "Tyrant", "Victim of Changes" etc. 
 Judas Priest - Accesso Showare Center - Kent, WA 6.21.19
Heading Out to the Highway
The Sentinel
(Take These) Chains  
Judas Rising
Out in the Cold
Traitors Gate
Halls of Valhalla
Song played from tape
No Surrender
Victim of Changes
All Guns Blazing
Hell Bent for Leather
Breaking the Law
Living After Midnight 

With a near packed house, Judas Priest gave us not only a a rad setlist but a visual show that had my photography eyes on overload! Maybe next time I can get a full set through my lens. If you wanna see what I got in three songs CLICK HERE!

Last year we got lucky and had Glenn Tipton special guest on the encore but not this time around. Tipton has been battling Parkinson’s and only playing very few select dates here and there. He currently is writing new riffs for the follow-up to "Firepower". His guitar replacement on tour has been the great Andy Sneap. 

 The name may ring a bell as he is the co-producer for "Firepower" and also has produced many of your favorite metal albums from the likes of Testament, Exodus, Accept, Fozzy, Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Megadeth, Saxon etc. So besides his in-studio knob skills he's a great guitarist too. Cool to see him get some solo pieces in on the live set with the amazing Richie Faulkner on the other side of the stage. Priest have always been known as the pioneers of the dual guitar solo pieces and seeing these two cover those Tipton/Downing classics so perfectly is awesome. Andy started his guitar chops in the thrash metal band Sabbat back in the late 80s. With Richie I first saw him playing with Lauren Harris in 2008 and he blew me away then and a decade later he's definitely one of the best hard rock/metal guitarist in the genre. Pure bad ass and basically in my opinion saved Judas Priest. His work on the past 4 Priest albums is proof. 

So it'll be interesting to see how Sneap's role in Priest from the current "Hired Gun" role plays out after this tour. Overall this show was pure badassery from start to finish. Loved seeing all the people rocking out in their seats especially the girls in front of me half my age all rocking out headbanging in unison. Heavy Metal is very much alive and thank goodness Rob Halford/Ian Hill and Judas Priest are still doing what they do all these decades later.

There's a few more U.S. dates left on the tour so if you're in any of these cities get out and check this out. Oh and get there early to donate like $5 to sit on Metal God Rob Halford’s Judas Priest motorcycle with the proceeds going to the Glenn Tipton Parkinson’s Foundation!
6/22 – Portland, OR, Moda Theatre of the Clouds
6/24-25 – San Francisco, CA, Warfield Theatre
6/27 – Los Angeles, CA, Microsoft Theater
6/29 – Las Vegas, NV, The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel

Let it be known, opening the show is the classic rock masters Uriah Heep! If you know 70s rock you know the hits "Easy Livin" "Stealin" and "Lady In Black". They were fantastic! 

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