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My WWE Money In The Bank Predictions

If WrestleMania is the ending of a calendar year for WWE, Money In the Bank is the beginning, as it builds up a major plotline for the next 12 months. Both MITB ladder matches are stacked with top talent this year and there are also a handful of other solid matches on the card. This Sunday night (... Read More

Three Awesome Local Rock Shows To Check Out This Weekend

It’s almost time for the weekend and it’s time to rock! The Northwest is well known for it’s rich local music scene and this weekend there are plenty of badass events to check out. Friday June 8th Darrell’s Tavern Brad Yaeger and the Night Terrors, The Tom Price Desert Classic, Panoramics Start the... Read More

Becky In The Bank: It's Time For Becky Lynch To Dominate

We’re a couple weeks away from one of my favorite Pay Per Views of the year, Money In The Bank. For those unfamiliar, the stipulation of this match is this – a handful of wrestlers face off in the ring and attempt to climb a ladder to reach a briefcase. Inside this briefcase is a contract that... Read More

Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday May 27th, 2018

Pound - x.—.x.—.x.—.x.— Mos Generator – Shadowlands Aloha Mars – BGM Aloha Mars – Love Handles Aloha Mars – Weekend Aloha Mars – Rooftop Aloha Mars – These Hips Don’t Cry Convergence – Fight Another Day Gebular – Diggs Chrome Lakes – Gold and the Bronze Method 13 – Watch It Die Slow Code – Name... Read More

Give Big E A Shot At Money In The Bank

On Sunday June 17th, one of the three members of The New Day will be entered into the Money in The Bank ladder match against Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, The Miz, Rusev, Bobby Roode and Kevin Owens. Last Tuesday it was announced that we won’t know which of the three will be entering until that very... Read More

Three Awesome Local Rock Shows To Check Out This Weekend

It’s that time again Rockaholics! We’ve made it through the work week and now it’s time to rock the f*** out! There are a ton of badass events going on all over the Northwest this weekend, but I wanted to highlight three big shows with some of the local scenes finest bands for you to consider. On... Read More

Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday May 6th, 2018

Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage – Welcome To Seattle Bruiser Brody – Trouble Is Pivot Point – The Hill Pivot Point – Salvation Pivot Point – Motivator Pivot Point – Complete War Puppy – Taun Taun War Puppy – Ghost Valley Alice In Chains – Queen of the Rodeo You May Die In The Desert- Patient Glacier... Read More