Who's The Weirdest? 3-2-1 Battle! Faces Off Against Hoodslam Friday Night

Jabroni Journal

June 29, 2018

If it’s the weirdness of 3-2-1 Battle! that keeps you coming back to the Battle Palace two Friday’s a month, you wont want to miss this week’s event. The Northwest’s band of misfit badass wrestlers who make up the 3-2-1 Battle! roster will be going head to head with one of the craziest wrestling promotions in the world – Hoodslam Wrestling based out of the Bay Area in California. 

There has been a bit of crossover between the two groups over the years, with one of Hoodslam’s top tag teams, The Stoner Brothers, making several appearances at 3-2-1 Battle! and former 3-2-1 Battle! luchador BatBoy now wrestling for Hoodslam.

Fans of the outrageous characters we see at 3-2-1 Battle! will love what the Hoodslam roster has to offer, with notable stars like the walking skeleton himself Iam Funnybone and every kids favorite Drugz Bunny leading the way. 

Who will reign supreme as the Weirdest in all of wrestling? Find out this Friday night (June 29th) at The Battle Palace (aka Evolve Fitness). 
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