3-2-1 Battle! Goes Super Crazy!

Jabroni Journal

November 2, 2017

On Friday, November 3rd, "weird wrestling" comes back to Evolve Fitness, aka the Battle Palace in the form of "O B-Boy, Where Art Thou?" 

If you've never had the chance to see a 3-2-1 Battle! show, you can expect lots of clotheslines, foul language, beer drinking, crotch grabbing and more crowd chants than you can keep up with. 

The promotion has been gaining organic momentum over the last couple years, earning a reputation of always providing a raucus good time for both non-wrestling fans and diehards alike. The vibe is not-unlike a punk rock show, with an energy you really do have to feel to describe. It's that raw, grassroots, D.I.Y feel that gives 3-2-1 Battle! it's distinct atmosphere. 

Alongside the stars of 3-2-1 Battle! like Eddie Van Glam, Daniel Makabe, The Legion Of Gloom, we will be seeing a three way ladder match for the Solid Steel Championship between the current champion Sarian, the high flying Cole Crazy and the "New Age Punisher" Boy. This match is going to be BRUTAL! 

Plus it was just announced this past week that ECW original and former WWE star "The Insane Luchador" Super Crazy will be wrestling! 

You can purchase tickets for "O B-Boy Where Art Though?" here.