August Burns Red: Staying The Course With Metalcore

Brent Rambler's "Big Four" Of Metalcore + Dropping An Album During A Pandemic

May 4, 2020

Like thousands of other musicians worldwide, Brent Rambler has had to delay some pretty big spring plans.

Brent is the guitarist for August Burns Red who was gearing up for a huge co-headlining tour alongside another of metalcore’s biggest bands – Killswitch Engage. But of course, all those plans deteriorated as did the rest of the touring world’s schedule mid-March. That didn’t stop the band from releasing their ninth studio album to great fanfare and appreciation.

I spoke with Brent about his personal "Big Four" of metalcore, the new album, “Guardians,” and a handful of other topics including early inspirations, his ideal theme song and more. 

Check out a new video from August Burns Red here and listen to the full interview below.